Friday, 28 December 2018

How Is Ceramic Hip Replacement A Better Option?

Hip replacement surgery is usually necessary when the hip joint is worn or damaged to the extent that your mobility is reduced and you experience pain even while resting. This surgery gives relief from pain due to severe hip arthritis or hip osteonecrosis. The traditional plastic-metal hip implants, done using Cobalt-Chromium in polyethylene socket have a higher rate of failure, especially among the younger people. The main reason for this is that these implants deteriorate quickly because of the high activity level of the people below the age of 50. This causes wear and tiny debris are produced around the joint which eventually loosens and causes the replacement to fail. This led to the popularity of ceramic hip replacements among all age groups.

What Are The Advantages Of Ceramic Hip Replacement?

  • All kinds of hip replacements give relief from pain due to severe arthritis. But the frequent revision surgeries because of the wear makes them less popular among the younger people. Less wear of ceramic implants leads to lower rates of re-visioning surgeries which make them more reliable.
  • As there is less number of re-visioning surgeries, there is also less bone deterioration.
  • There is no loosening of the joints for a satisfactory period as there is no debris produced by ceramic hip implants.
  • The durability of ceramic implants is for around 25 years thus making it a good option for people below 50 years of age who might have a high activity level.
The above-listed advantages are for all kinds of ceramic implants. Be it fully ceramic or ceramic-plastic or ceramic-metal.

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