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Hip Replacement Surgery in Maharashtra

Hip Replacement

hip pain 

Hip replacement surgery is a procedure in which a doctor surgically removes a painful hip joint and replaces it with an artificial joint often made from plastic and metal components. It usually is done when all treatment options have failed to provide enough pain relief. The procedure should relieve a painful hip joint, making walking smart.

Do I need hip replacement?

You won’t necessarily need the hip replacement if you have arthritis of your Hip. But it may be worth considering if your hip is completely damaged by the arthritis and pain, disability or stiffness are having serious effects on your daily works. In the hip replacement, surgeon replaces the damaged surfaces with artificial parts, like metal, plastic or ceramic materials.

What are the different types of hip replacement surgery?

There are two types of hip replacement, but number of surgical techniques and different types of material are used.

hip replacement

Total Hip Replacement

In the total hip replacement, part of thigh bone including the ball is removed and smaller artificial ball is fixed into the rest of thigh bone. The surface of existing socket in the pelvis is roughened to accept new socket component that will join up with new ball component.

Surface Replacements

The Surface replacement of hip is an alternative to traditional hip replacement for post-traumatic arthritis, avascular necrosis and osteoarthritis. It also provides a bone-conserving the artificial hip bone joint, and is designed to maintain bone for younger and active patients. 

Types of different Hip Replacement materials.

hip replacement parts

The replacement parts can be plastic, metal or ceramic and are used in different combinations:
  • Metal-on-plastic: A metal ball with a plastic socket is the most widely used combination.
  • Ceramic-on-plastic: The ceramic ball with a plastic socket.
  • Ceramic-on-ceramic: Both parts are ceramic are often used in younger, more active patients.
  • Metal-on-metal: The metal ball with the metal socket is very occasionally used in younger, more active patients.

What are the advantages of a hip replacement?

Freedom from pain is the important advantage of the hip replacement surgery, along with better mobility. That will improve your quality of life. You'll have a little pain from the surgery to begin with but after that you will notice improvements soon after the surgery.
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If you have any matters or are doubtful about your condition, contact doctor.

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