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Knee Replacement – reclaiming quality of life

Knee Replacement

Knee pain can be quite disruptive and disturbing especially when our body is unable to catch up with the mind. They prove to be stressful, when climbing stairs, travelling and all those activities you love seem so far out of your reach. We do not have to suffer anymore. The advancement in medical technology has provided competent solutions to restore our normal life and provide solutions and make Santpure foundation has a best knee replacement center in India

A surgical procedure to restore mobility and relieve pain in patients affected by severe knee pain and stiffness, knee replacement surgery are widely popular today. Knee replacement, also called knee arthroplasty helps in replacing the damaged portions of knee joint with artificial prosthesis made of polymers or metals.

The technical advancement today has helped in creating customised prosthesis to suit the specific requirement of the patient. These help in minimising discomfort and restore the ability for normal movement. They are designed to roll and glide naturally enabling comfortable bending motion as well.

Scope of knee replacement

Knee replacement is an ideal option in the following cases: -

  • When knee pain is severe and restricts mobility, disabling normal life
  • When all other treatment options like medications or physical therapy fail
  • When persistent knee pain affects the quality of life in your middle ages
  • When you are suffering from knee deformities like bowed legs

Knee replacement implants and procedures

Knee replacement procedures are of different types based on the severity of condition and the implants used. In case of severe irregularities of knee, the whole knee joint is replaced with prosthesis and the procedure is termed total knee replacement. The procedure can be completed within 2 hours. The implants have a long durability and lasts for a long time, beyond 15 years.
Partial knee replacement involves removal of only the damaged portion of the knee and replacing it with artificial prosthesis. These are popularly done in patients suffering from osteoarthritis.

Why Santpure Foundation?

The success of any treatment lies in the skill of the doctor and the backup of quality infrastructure. Santpure Foundation is a Best Centre for Joint Replacement and Advanced Orthopaedics, offering both.

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