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Hip Replacement Surgeons in Maharashtra

Hip Replacement Surgery

Joint arthritis influences the hip joint pretty much as it influences the knee. Hip joint pain is less regular in Indians and Asians. One sickness that we normally see is avascular necrosis (AVN). In AVN the blood supply to the leader of the femur (thigh bone) is sliced off because of some pathology. The most widely recognized explanations behind AVN are liquor admission and steroid medicine. The dead femoral head loses its round shape and turns out to be level and twisted. This prompts demolition of the hip joint and joint inflammation. Patients have serious agony in the hip. Developments get to be limited and exceptionally agonizing. Ahead of time stages patients experience issues in strolling. They walk gradually with a limp more often than not with backing of a stick or walker. 

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Time for Hip Replacement

There are numerous non surgical and surgical medications of AVN in the early stages. However in the late stages the main arrangement is all out hip substitution (THR). So also end stage joint pain of the hip because of any reason can be effectively treated by hip replacement alone. Hip replacement has been around for over 60 years. In this time hip replacement has seen a gigantic development. Hip replacement can be total or partial. In partial hip replacement, just the ball (head of femur) is supplanted. The first measure of the patient is held. This surgery is normally accomplished for more seasoned patients who break the neck of femur (hip crack).

Total Hip Replacement

In total hip replacement, both the ball and attachment is supplanted. This surgery is ruined hip joint arthritis where both ball and attachment are harmed. Initially total hip replacement both segments (stem and container) were settled to bone with bone bond (established hip). The established stem (which holds the ball) works extremely well and has a long life. However the established container endures just 10 to 12 years. The need to enhance life of the prosthesis prompted the advancement of uncemented hips. In uncemented outline, the glass and the stem are fitted into the bone without utilizing bond. The surface of the stem and container is made unpleasant or permeable. This permits the issue that remains to be worked out into the surface.

Types of Hip Implants

Initially altogether hip replacement, the ball was made of metal and the cup was made of high thickness plastic (metal on plastic). The issue with plastic is that it wears out after some time. There has been a major change in these materials throughout the years. The first plastic has experienced a progression of changes (exceptionally cross connected) which has enhanced the solidness of the plastic. The greatest change has been the presentation of ceramic. Early earthenware was weak and had issues of breakage. With later eras of fired, the breakage issue was understood. By utilizing earthenware heads rather than metal ones, the wear of the plastic cups is decreased (ceramic on plastic). At that point came the ceramic containers. By utilizing a ceramic cup and fired ball (artistic on earthenware), there is next to no wear of the container and the life of the prosthesis is enhanced radically. Ceramic on ceramic THR is perfect for the more youthful patient as it is exceptionally solid and keeps going quite a while. On the other hand it is an in fact delicate surgery and must be done flawlessly. It is likewise exceptionally costly. 
Total hip replacement is an existence changing surgery. After the introductory couple of months which are required to recoup from the surgery, the patient begins encountering emotional help of torment. Torment actually and mystically vanishes. In most joint states of the hip, the leg turns out to be short and this shortening is adjusted promptly after surgery. Developments turn out to be free and easy. Patient can walk ordinarily without a limp or torment. A few patients even figure out how to pursue surgery. In short patients get to be ordinary after hip replacement surgery and are cured of their joint arthritis. With advanced surgical procedures and more up to date prosthetic materials and outlines, these patients can make the most of their hip replacement for a long, long time.
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Affordable Hip Replacement in Aurangabad

Orthopedics at Center for Joint Replacements and Advanced Orthopaedics

Center for Joint Replacements and Advanced Orthopaedics in Aurangabad is a multi specialty treatment centre offering almost everything a patient would need in medical services, starting with Specialist Clinics, through Diagnostics, Orthopedics, up to Rehabilitation.

The Center for Joint Replacements and Advanced Orthopaedics is disabled-friendly and also regarded as patient-friendly hospital and child-friendly clinic and it gives the most innovative treatments and surgeries.

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 The hip replacement surgery becomes necessary when cartilage is severely damaged, smooth surface is lost and  the bone is left  exposed due to the inflammation of the joint. As cartilage wears off patient suffers from extremely intense pain and discomfort which limits the range of motion making it difficult to walk, take stairs and perform regular activities.

 The most common disorders leading to the hip replacement:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Traumatic arthritis
  • Avascular necrosis

Hip replacement is seen as highly effective orthopedic solution to fix physical joint damage when physical therapy or other non-surgical methods do not help.

Treatment plan at Center for Joint Replacements and Advanced Orthopaedics In India:

Hip Replacement Surgery

The main reason one might choose medical care in India is because prices for excellent medical services can be up to four times less than in Western or other European countries.

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Knee Replacement Surgery in Maharashtra

Knee Replacement Surgery

Arthritis in the Knee


There are 3 different types of arthritis that can occurs in our knees. The most popular types is osteoarthritis, a progressive disease that calmly  rub away joint cartilage. This kind of arthritis is most expected to strike after middle age.

Rheumatoid arthritis is an inflammatory condition that can strike at any age. When arthritis begin following an injury to the knee, that is known as post-traumatic arthritis. Fracture of the knee or Injury to ligament. Some kind of arthritis can cause fatigue.

Symptoms of Arthritis in the Knee

The Arthritis pain can develop suddenly, but that is more possible to develop slowly. At first, you may note pain in the morning or after you've been exactly  inactive. Your knee joints may hurt when you climb stairs or stand up from a sitting angle.

The arthritis of the knee joints may cause inflammation. That can be due to the creation of bones or extra fluids in knee.

The muscles in our knee may soften and the entire joint formation can become weak. You can feel a cracking sounds from your knee poor range of motion.
X-Rays of the knees is the best way to find loss of space in your knee.

The Center for Joint Replacement and Advanced Orthopedics India use a minimally invasive approach to decrease post operative pain and speed up recovery.

Dr Santpure Sivakumar is one of the best orthopedic surgeon in India and he provides low cost Knee Replacement Surgery for your Knee pain relief.

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Knee Replacement Surgery in India

Some common causes of knee pain.

Some common causes of knee pain.

The Knee pain has become quite normal these days. It is not just restricted to the elderly population but is also a common instance among teenagers. This is because knee joint is affected to damage as it deliver the entire weight of your body. Although it has an huge ability to handle pressure, repeated strain can lead to knee pain.

Some causes of the Knee Pain you should know Rapid trauma to the knee after falls, rude landing or sudden tripping over is a normal cause of knee pain. Acute knee pain is common with quick jerky movements of the leg, straining the ligaments in the knee joints. The tendons are bunch of tissue bands that connect your bones to your muscles.

Arthritis: Be it due to Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, People who are above sixty are most possible to go through from knee pain. The Osteoarthritis is a degenerative situation that occurs due to overplay of the knee cartilage. The bursa is the cushion that assure your joints and is sac filled with fluid that is present over the knee. Infection of the Knee joint due to Bacteria like Neisseria gonorrhoeae can motive a destructive form of Arthritis, known as Septic Arthritis.

Do you suffer from  serious knee pain? Stiffness and jam in your knee that disturb your ability to do things?
Does the knee pain remains painful against taking doing exercise, physiotherapy, steroid injections and using walking supports.

Well, it says you are a candidate for Knee Replacement Surgery.

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Dr. Sanpture, Aurangabad at low cost.

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Low cost Limb Lengthening in Aurangabad.

Limb Lengthening

The majority of people who follow this surgery are unhappy with their body Shape or height. The Body image is the way we understand ourselves. As it relates to the height it is the way we realize our own height and our body proportions.

The Limb Lengthening may:

  • Increase the length of an abnormally short leg
  • Decrease the length of an abnormally long leg
  • Limit growth of the normal leg to allow the short leg to grow to a equal length.

Here we can add up to 8 cms of length to your leg. Screws are inserted through the skin and fix into the bone. The Pins are placed above and below edge in the bone, and Surgical cut in the skin is stitched closed.
Later, when your leg has reached the desired length and has healed, usually after several months, another surgical procedure will be done to remove the pins.

Bone removal or Shorten an abnormally long leg

The section of bone is removed from your lengthy leg. The edges of the cut bone will be joined and a metal plate with screws & a nail down the center of the bone. It is a complex surgery and need healed after several months.

Bone Growth Restriction

The Bone growth of your both legs is different from other. While the patient is under general Anesthesia and the surgeons start a surgical cut over the growth plate at the end of the bone in the longer leg.

After all these types of methods the removal of implanted devices like Metal pins, screws, staples, or plates requires another surgical procedure using general Anesthesia.

Kamalnayan Bajaj Hospital is one of the largest private hospitals in Maharashtra and also a leading hospital in the field of Joint Replacement surgery in India.

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Hip Replacement Surgery in Maharashtra

Hip Replacement

hip pain 

Hip replacement surgery is a procedure in which a doctor surgically removes a painful hip joint and replaces it with an artificial joint often made from plastic and metal components. It usually is done when all treatment options have failed to provide enough pain relief. The procedure should relieve a painful hip joint, making walking smart.

Do I need hip replacement?

You won’t necessarily need the hip replacement if you have arthritis of your Hip. But it may be worth considering if your hip is completely damaged by the arthritis and pain, disability or stiffness are having serious effects on your daily works. In the hip replacement, surgeon replaces the damaged surfaces with artificial parts, like metal, plastic or ceramic materials.

What are the different types of hip replacement surgery?

There are two types of hip replacement, but number of surgical techniques and different types of material are used.

hip replacement

Total Hip Replacement

In the total hip replacement, part of thigh bone including the ball is removed and smaller artificial ball is fixed into the rest of thigh bone. The surface of existing socket in the pelvis is roughened to accept new socket component that will join up with new ball component.

Surface Replacements

The Surface replacement of hip is an alternative to traditional hip replacement for post-traumatic arthritis, avascular necrosis and osteoarthritis. It also provides a bone-conserving the artificial hip bone joint, and is designed to maintain bone for younger and active patients. 

Types of different Hip Replacement materials.

hip replacement parts

The replacement parts can be plastic, metal or ceramic and are used in different combinations:
  • Metal-on-plastic: A metal ball with a plastic socket is the most widely used combination.
  • Ceramic-on-plastic: The ceramic ball with a plastic socket.
  • Ceramic-on-ceramic: Both parts are ceramic are often used in younger, more active patients.
  • Metal-on-metal: The metal ball with the metal socket is very occasionally used in younger, more active patients.

What are the advantages of a hip replacement?

Freedom from pain is the important advantage of the hip replacement surgery, along with better mobility. That will improve your quality of life. You'll have a little pain from the surgery to begin with but after that you will notice improvements soon after the surgery.
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If you have any matters or are doubtful about your condition, contact doctor.

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