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Low cost Limb Lengthening in Aurangabad.

Limb Lengthening

The majority of people who follow this surgery are unhappy with their body Shape or height. The Body image is the way we understand ourselves. As it relates to the height it is the way we realize our own height and our body proportions.

The Limb Lengthening may:

  • Increase the length of an abnormally short leg
  • Decrease the length of an abnormally long leg
  • Limit growth of the normal leg to allow the short leg to grow to a equal length.

Here we can add up to 8 cms of length to your leg. Screws are inserted through the skin and fix into the bone. The Pins are placed above and below edge in the bone, and Surgical cut in the skin is stitched closed.
Later, when your leg has reached the desired length and has healed, usually after several months, another surgical procedure will be done to remove the pins.

Bone removal or Shorten an abnormally long leg

The section of bone is removed from your lengthy leg. The edges of the cut bone will be joined and a metal plate with screws & a nail down the center of the bone. It is a complex surgery and need healed after several months.

Bone Growth Restriction

The Bone growth of your both legs is different from other. While the patient is under general Anesthesia and the surgeons start a surgical cut over the growth plate at the end of the bone in the longer leg.

After all these types of methods the removal of implanted devices like Metal pins, screws, staples, or plates requires another surgical procedure using general Anesthesia.

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