Wednesday, 23 July 2014

When Is It Time To Consider A Total Knee Replacement?

Do you suffer from severe knee pain, stiffness and immobilization in your knee that affect your ability to do things? Does the knee pain remains painful despite taking physiotherapy, steroid injections, doing exercise, and using walking supports? Well, it sounds you are a candidate for total knee replacement surgery.

The concept of knee joint replacement continues to offer patients a significant increase in mobility and motion as well as a decrease in pain and discomfort. Joints commonly replaced are those of the knee and the hipThere are several medical conditions that may lead to the need of knee replacement surgery, and arthritis is the most common among them. Genetics, developmental abnormalities, some form of injury and obesity are the other contributing factor.

There are two main types of surgeries for replacing the damaged knee -


  • Vastly enhance the quality of your life.
  • Instability, disability and restricted mobility of the knee are completely alleviated through this surgery.
  • The patients can largely restore range of motion of the knee.
  • Allows patients to retain a wide range of daily activities
  • Improved muscle strength and improved alignment of deformed joints 
  • Long lasting
A total knee replacement replaces the damaged bearing surfaces in your knee that are causing pain. Total knee replacement and partial knee replacement are done by Dr. Sanpture , Aurangabad at low cost.
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